Information About Local Catering Services

Information About Local Catering Services

In Singapore, catering services offer a full spectrum of options for every event. When booking the services, the client enters into a contract with the catering service. All contractual obligations must be met as directed in the contract. A local catering service offers contracts and a full array of options as needed by local clients.

Details About Catering Contracts

Catering contracts outline all the services requested by clients and the exact costs of the services. The terms of the contract define the cancellation policy and highlight any fees that apply when services are canceled. Any additional costs according to the client’s choices are also listed.

Do Servers Dress Specifically for the Event?

The clients can make requests about how the waitstaff’s attire during the event. Typically, the waitstaff wears black and white attire for more elegant events and khaki pants with white shirts for more casual ones. The client can submit their requests for the waitstaff’s attire to the caterer. Clients who want the waitstaff to wear themed attire may be required to furnish the attire at their own expense.

Passed Appetizers and Appetizer Stations

Passed appetizers are served at each table for all attendees to enjoy. Appetizer stations, on the other hand, are set up in a centrally located area of the room. The guests can get their own appetizers from the station and take them to their table. The event planner must determine which option is most suitable for their event when setting up the services.

Table and Chair Rentals

Table and chair rentals are provided for most events. The caterer provides a catalog of the tables and chairs that are available for each type of event. Flatware, dinnerware, linens, and decor may come with the table and chair rental packages.

In Singapore, catering services offer a full meal for any event. The menu options include a wide array of cuisines to meet the needs of all event attendees. The caterer provides waitstaff for all seated dining requirements and may allow themed attire for the waitstaff during the event. Appetizers and several entree selections including vegan and vegetarian preferences. Clients who want to schedule the best buffet catering service in Singapore contact the service provider now.

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