A New Approach to Address Back Pain

A New Approach to Address Back Pain

The old adage of sleeping on a hard surface, such as a super firm mattress or plywood between a box spring and a top mattress, apparently does not hold true. The problem with sleeping on a very firm mattress is the same problem as sleeping on one the is too soft. Both do not provide proper spinal alignment. Multiple studies indicate that a medium firm ergonomic mattress will prevent waking up in pain.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is ideal for aligning the spine, promoting proper sleep posture, and relaxing the muscles. The new generation of memory foam mattresses utilize a combination of materials. Some designs have actually been developed for people with chronic back pain. The Amerisleep AS2 contains a plant-based memory foam that is very responsive when changing sleep positions. This product is one-hundred percent made in America.

Saatva combines memory foam with a unique innerspring for support and durability. Helix makes a mattress comprised of micro-coils, memory foam, and natural latex. This can be customized differently on each side for maximum motion isolation. The Bear company has proprietary technology that allows them to make mattresses out of gel-infused memory foam. This material was created to aid in the recovery of injury or chronic back pain suffered by professional athletes.

High-Quality Medium Firm Mattresses

Mattresses designed specifically for people who suffer from chronic back pain will be priced slightly higher than ordinary memory foam mattresses. There are some medium firm options will fit into just about every budget. Tomorrow Sleep offers a memory foam mattress in two different firmness levels with superior motion isolation.The Purple mattress manufacturing company has a combination of memory foam and a new polymer that is affordable, of medium firmness, and provides proper spinal alignment.

Available Online

Many of the latest memory foam mattresses are only available online. While that helps keep pricing as low as possible, it means the mattress cannot be tried out prior to the purchase. To compensate for that fact, manufacturers offer trial periods so people can experience the mattress at home with little to know risk. Those seeking suggestions for ideal choices of mattresses that will alleviate pain can read another article that provides detailed information regarding companies and official website links.

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